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 "She is a talented trainer with a lot of feel"  John Lyons



Krista Nobilo

I HIGHLY recommend Whispering Hills Training (Jennifer Weber). The training sessions are fun, positive and I come away with a sense of direction, purpose, and it finally all makes sense! Concepts, techniques and the whys and wherefores are communicated in a way that I understand. There is always something unique and different about each session that me and my horses never feel drilled nor bored. And it all ends up coming together! Jennifer's diverse equine background lends itself well to all stages, goals, and levels. My goal this year for my two very dear horses was to develop and progress in our training, and also get back into some competition and enjoy the experience of showing dressage (both western and traditional). My wildest dream became a reality when I made the leap of faith to go to the 2018 World Western Dressage Championships and not only was it an amazing experience and a fun atmosphere my much adored horse and I ended up Champions of our division. Jennifer helped me get there

Patti Chamberlain

Jennifer Weber is a resource for horse knowledge. I have trained with her for over 20 years with different horses for different events. Her positive attitude encourages you to move forward while having fun!

"It is fun to work with you, I feel like I learn a few new things each time I ride with you." Krista Noblio

"You are fun to work with. You have a great amount of talent and feel.”

Sarah Martin

"It is amazing to watch how everything you do in your training, flows together to make the end result."

Judi Devore
I appreciate you! Thank you for taking good care of my horse and being so communicative about his training”

Liz owner of Able

“You have the ability to reason with the horse and feel what they need to bring them along quickly.”


I don't want anyone to know about you... I want to keep you all to myself."

"This is the best horse starting I have ever seen."

Lynea Schultz-Ela

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