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Training Solutions

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” 
― Robert Frost


"I give the horse life skills when I am training, it is those skills that will get them the good homes , the good care and ability to be shown. It makes them more valuble to their people."

                                                                            Jennifer Weber-Quigley


Jennifer uses the dressage training scale and infuses her 33 years of Training experience to mold each horse into the best ride they can be.  Jennifer has trained western, reining, english, hunter, driving, trail and dressage horses. 

Training Piaffe. Progression toward Piaffe in place. 

Ricoh is a 12 year old Sport horse. He is bred, trained and Shown at Whispering Hills by Jennifer Weber

Created By foqxphotography Jennifer Weber   Updated February 2021

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